Welcome to my backyard ... really!  This is my view, my peace and a part of my inspiration.  My spouse and I own this small farm meadery which sits on a ridge of the Barrichois Hills in Cape Breton.  It is also one of our apiary sites where we tend honey bees for honey to sell and to craft mead.  My spouse is the master beekeeper and mead-maker.  I tend chickens for eggs and attempt to grow things when I am not designing something.  I assume that you are in my backyard for me or my services, so carry on.

What I Do

My passion to design in pretty much any media brought me to computer programming and graphics.  Having worked with a multitude of different computer software since 1980, graphic and web design became a natural progression.  I offer freelance expert skills at low rates.


Who I Am

I am just one person and sometimes you need a team.  For that reason, I work with other freelance coders, programmers and designers, all of which have their own areas of expertise.  If you require a web presence, a magazine ad, a logo design or just some business cards and a brochure, you have come to the right place.  Just contact me with any design request.


My Work

If required, I will certainly connect you to an associate that meets your needs.  They will be as happy to show you their work as I am to show you mine.  Below, you will find a few photos of the websites I designed and coded.  I am developing a live portfolio to show more of my work interactively.  For now, you may click on any image to enlarge it and use the left or right arrows to cycle through the images.

Say Hello.

I don't mind an email just to say hey, but if you have any questions or ideas you need to pass by me, it would be my pleasure to assist.